Sex Slave (7) - Sadie Cole

Sex Slave (7)

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The sexiest book you will ever read. Throw fuel into your sex life with this novel. A hot, erotic woman plans a whole year of being a sex slave to her man giving him a new sexual twist every single day. When do things get old? Never. She has infinite ideas and is open to anything. She is submissive and also dominant. She is spontaneous and mischievous. She is on the edge of sex addiction for her man because the more she tastes and feels him, the more she desires. Her man is left wanting more and learns new tricks through this relationship. He feels extreme connection to her and often gets lost in his fantasies of her. He finds himself luring her to a bathroom or office somewhere to taste her again feeling as if its too hard to wait. He needs to taste her lips, skin, saliva and feel her pussy before he cums in his pants just pondering about their last moment.


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